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How to Benefit From Commercial Real Estate Cycles

How to Benefit From Commercial Real Estate Cycles Making big money in commercial real estate is all about managing risks. Understanding and gaining knowledge of real estate cycles helps you lower your risk. Even though predicting real estate cycles is largely a game of luck, it gets downright dangerous if you know nothing about the […]

How To Negotiate A Commercial Master Lease Deal

When buying a commercial property you may wonder “What’s the best way to structure this deal?”  or “How can I get the seller to agree to a creative deal?” Finding Out What the Seller NEEDS We can use a variety of methods and/or paperwork to structure a deal. That’s one of the fun things about […]

From Auto Mechanic to Self-Made Millionaire Through Multifamily

Courage isn’t about being fearless. Courage is about feeling the fear but ‘saddling up anyway.’ When I bought my first duplex, I’ll admit, I was shaking. Yet I knew I to make a change to live the life I wanted, to be free from the humiliation of a boss who reprimanded me for drinking coffee […]

How to Master Lease a Commercial Property

A Technique to Buy Apartments and Other Commercial Properties If you’re looking for a way to get starting investing in commercial properties then you’ll want to know how to use the Master Lease Option technique as a way to acquire a property without having to use much of your investing capital. To use the Master […]