Everyone Laughed When I Said

 I Was Going to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

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Here's a Typical Story

Jason inherits an apartment building, but he lives out of town and has no idea how to deal with a commercial property because he's not a real estate person. The rents are low and the entrance and hallways look a little tired. 

Jason doesn't have the time or the money to deal with this. So, he decides to respond to the letter you sent to "Out of town" property  owners.

You come in and offer to purchase using owner financing along with a small down payment . You then increase the rents and use the cash flow to spruce the place up. After one year you then resell for a tidy profit to a landlord who is happy to own a nice apartment building. Everybody wins!

Why I'm giving You This Free Book

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The book is free, you only pay for shipping.

Everyday People Are Getting Commercial Properties

The Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies book has helped everyday people like Nate from Durham, North Carolina to FIND and FUND commercial properties. Nate partnered with two investors who provided the money to purchase this 300 unit apartment building. 

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The book is free, you only pay for shipping.