How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate During Uncertain Times

You’ll discover how to quickly acquire apartment buildings and other commercial properties by using the creative strategies Peter Conti has used for the past 30 years.

Here’s how it works:

The first step is to get up to speed on how to quickly calculate the value of any commercial property, then you’ll be introduced to the three pillars of Peter’s unique investing system.

Pillar # 1 – Buying With Terms
With all the upset in the marketplace right now this is the perfect time to acquire properties using creative strategies like Owner Carry, Commercial Master Lease, and Buying Subject to the Existing Financing. You’ll discover how to get properties under contract without having to come up with big down payments or having to qualify for mortgages.

Once you have a property under contract, and complete the due diligence checklist, you’ll move onto:

Pillar # 2 – The 8 Profit Activators
Income properties are valued on the amount of Net Operating Income they produce. By lowering the expenses or increasing the income you can dramatically increase both the value of the property and the ongoing cash flow. One of Peter’s favorites is adding coin-operated laundry to the property. (If it doesn’t already have it)

The fun part of Peter’s system is that you don’t need to spend any money implementing the 8 Profit Activators. You’ll be able to fill in the numbers showing the potential increase in net operating income into the Templated Deal Marketing Packet which shows how much the property will be worth once the net operating income goes up. This creates a powerful Pro-Forma which is a projected view showing where all the income is coming from, which provides proof to back up the projected increase in cash flow and property value.

Pillar # 3 – The Assignment
This is the fun part. Now you take the the entire package you’ve created, including the Creative Purchase Terms, the Deal Marketing Packet, and the Pro-Forma, and assign your interest in the deal over to another investor in exchange for an assignment fee. These fees do vary, but we don’t bother with anything unless the assignment is $20,000 or more.

Or – Keep the Property
You’ll also learn how to keep properties if you want by bringing in an outside investor who provides any down payment or rehab money in exchange for some equity in the deal. Of course, if the deal is good enough, and you have some of your own capital to cover the upfront costs, you can start adding commercial properties to your investment portfolio. 

Introducing The Commercial Mentoring Program
Here’s what’s included…

Jump Start Call with Peter

This Jump Start Call will usually last about thirty minutes, and this is where Peter is able to learn more about you, including your background with real estate and experience level. Peter will walk you through the training systems such as the commercial training portal, the documents and downloads, the training videos, commercial deal analysis software, and how to use the site. He will then work with you to begin to develop a game plan for getting up to speed on analyzing commercial properties, selecting the correct asset types to focus on, dialing in price ranges and locations, using creative investing strategies and building out your marketing game plan. This call sets the foundation for your coaching with Peter.

90 Days of Twice a Month Group Mentoring with Peter Conti

Every other week Peter will get on a small group coaching call and assess current deals you and the other clients are working on, answer questions and provide guidance for you, and discuss or explain a specific technique or strategy that is being implemented. If you are getting stuck on anything at all, the group mentoring call is a great time to work directly with Peter to get the help you need. If you can’t make it on every call, no worries as each call will be recorded and made available for you on the commercial training portal.

Online Members Only Investing Forum

This is where you can get all your questions answered about creative commercial investing strategies. This is the place to get help when you have a hot lead or a deal that you need help with in-between the live coaching calls. You’ll also be able to learn from the questions (and answers) posted by other investors in the group.

Commercial Investing Action Plan

The Commercial Investing Action Plan contains the week by week steps and responsibilities that are designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Everything from setting up your company, finding, analyzing, and getting commercial properties under contract, to taking the steps to streamline and automate all of your ongoing investing activities are included.

The Cash Flow Locator

The secret to making money with commercial properties is by finding underperforming properties. Up until now this has been almost impossible. The Cash Flow Locator system, developed by Peter Conti and his team, allows you to locate commercial properties with below market rents without ever having to talk to brokers or sellers. This system was designed to run right from your laptop whether you’re at home, on the beach, or sitting in a coffee shop in Thailand.

Pre-drafted Emails for Sellers, Brokers, and Lenders

Use these pre-drafted emails to reach out to sellers, brokers, and potential lenders. Includes an overview of the strategy to use along with a way for you to qualify sellers, brokers and lenders so you don’t waste a minute of your time dealing with people who don’t belong on your team.

Seller and Broker Scripts

The hardest part of getting going is often knowing what to say when you’re first getting started. Peter has tweaked and refined these scripts over the years so all you have to do is practice a time or two with your spouse or the dog and then you’re good to go. Includes Peter’s special tips on how to eliminate any hesitation you may have on the phone, how to control every phone call, plus a few other time saving tricks.

Commercial Forms, Contracts and Agreements

You are only as good as your contracts. Includes purchase and sale agreements, addendums, commercial master lease agreements, Peter’s assignment contract, management contracts, leases, landlord and tenant forms and agreements, estoppel letters, and more. State specific forms are included for states with special requirements along with multi-state versions to use in all other states.

Platinum Commercial Deal Analysis Software

This is the latest version of the same software that Peter uses to quickly analyze any commercial property. Includes training on how to sort potential deals into “No”, “Maybe”, and “Yes!” stacks along with a proven system that estimates the actual expenses of a property so that you know when the Seller or Broker are trying to “fudge” the numbers they are providing to you. This software does all the CAP rate and property valuation calculations for you, as well as cash on cash return, mortgage paydown, tax benefits and total return on your investment capital. Requires Microsoft Excel for PC or Mac.

Creative Commercial Investing Strategies Course

Watch Peter as he shows you how to find, structure and profit from creative commercial real estate deals including commercial master lease, owner carry, commercial contract assignments, and more. In video format, these easy to follow lessons will help you quickly solve one of the biggest problems many commercial investors face… How to use creative investing strategies to create profits during uncertain times.

Ongoing Help & Encouragement to Reach Your Goals - Priceless!

If you want to succeed in commercial real estate, there’s not another person anywhere that can help you with the passion, knowledge, and expertise that Peter Conti has acquired from 30 years of investing in commercial properties. Peter has trained thousands of investors all across the country. Now – for the first time ever – he’s partnering with a handful of clients who know the value in getting the personal attention, guidance, encouragement, and support that’s not possible anywhere else.

Due to the fact that Peter Conti is personally coaching this group, class size is strictly limited, and access is by application only.