The Investment Mentor

Peter Conti was working as an auto mechanic when he bought his first commercial property in 1990 and he's never looked back. He says "If you want success and you want it right now, then find someone who's already doing it and copy exactly what they're doing."

Our Story

The founder of Real Estate 101, Peter Conti, is the country's most expensive real estate mentor.  Mr. Conti began investing in 1990 when he was an auto mechanic. His ability to overcome the challenges he faced empowered him to go on to teach, guide, and mentor thousands of other real estate investors over the years.

At this point Peter limits his mentoring to guiding a select handful of commercial real estate investors as they each build their own commercial property portfolios. Each morning he rides his bike, walks or hikes and has fun playing piano. The rest of his time is spent enjoying time with his wife, family & four grandchildren.

Peter lives on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, Maryland with his beautiful wife and their dog named Snickers.