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Courage isn’t about being fearless. Courage is about feeling the fear but ‘saddling up anyway.’ When I bought my first duplex, I’ll admit, I was shaking. Yet I knew I to make a change to live the life I wanted, to be free from the humiliation of a boss who reprimanded me for drinking coffee meant for ‘customers only.’ I was highly motivated to leave my job as a mechanic and become a multifamily real estate investor, and that deep desire for financial freedom is what propelled me to take action.

Michael Blank Interviews Peter Conti to Discover How He Got Started Investing In Commercial Real Estate

I went from auto mechanic to self-made millionaire in just over three years, using creative financing to invest in both residential and commercial real estate. I started small, buying a duplex, a couple of 4-units, and a 12- and 24-unit before working my way up to shopping centers and 300-unit complexes. I have mentored thousands of investors all over the world and supported many more through my books on multifamily and commercial real estate investing.

In this podcast, I share in detail the moment I decided to take charge of my own financial destiny. I walk listeners through that first investment in a duplex and the meeting at Chucky E. Cheese that inspired me to invest in a mentor. I share advice around mitigating risk via exit clauses and acquiring property through seller financing or the use of a master lease. Listen in to understand my unique approach to recovering from a serious motorcycle accident and what I learned in the process that applies to multifamily investing specifically—and life in general!

The turning point that propelled me into action

Working as auto mechanic in Denver
Fingers numb from cold, reprimanded for coffee
Made decision to be in charge of own financial destiny
My first investment in a duplex

Found real estate agent
Took advantage of 5% down for investors through HUD
How I got over the hump to make my next investment

Meeting with life insurance agent, realized ‘spinning wheels’
Invested $5K in training with mentor
My advice around mitigating risk

Attach ‘Addendum A’ to contract (fully assignable)
Ask for 10 business days once documents provided
Allows to make offer first, then do due diligence
Guidance around seller financing

Target motivated sellers, C class properties
Ask seller if willing to carry some of financing
Set meeting to build rapport, share track record
Approach to getting started in commercial real estate

Start with apartment buildings (4-, 6- or 10-unit)
Consider using master lease to acquire property
What I learned in recovering from a serious motorcycle accident

Hiking Appalachian Trail gave me time to reflect
Enjoy every moment to fullest, appreciate process
Break big projects into chunks
What’s next for me

Learning to play piano
Support wife in startup
Limited one-on-one coaching
My top advice for aspiring real estate investors

It’s not about wealth, it’s about freedom
Find a way to enjoy the journey
How I want to be remembered

Fully present for friends and family
Playful, fun and encouraging

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